I Love You and Smiling Strawberry Pie

Last night I made Strawberry Pie for my husband, the recipe I used is one I found in my Grandmother’s home.

2015 was a year of great loss for my family and I.  In July we lost my husband’s grandmother and in September we lost my grandfather.  One of my greatest life regrets was not being there to say goodbye to my grandmother. I had a trip to see my family, after two postponements.  I knew my grandfather’s health was declining, but no one knew how much time he had left and I was so grateful I was heading to see my family, so I could see him.

When we arrived I went straight to my Aunt’s house, where my grandfather was staying, and helped him with his dinner.  At that moment, he did not seem so bad.  He definitely was not the grandfather I had grown up with, but I left that night thinking he may live a few more weeks, even months.  He held my son, whom he was meeting for the first time, and he was very strong!!  I remember thinking “wow, he really is so strong!”

The next day, I was unable to visit, but when I returned the following day, I knew things had changed.  He was immobile and kept telling my aunt he was going on a trip.  I knew in that moment it was almost his time.  I was blessed with one very last conversation with my grandfather.  He asked about the weather where we lived and asked where my husband was.  I told him we had great weather and unfortunately, my husband was unable to come due to work.  I told grandpa how much I loved him and he said “I love you, too.”  I wanted to stay and sit with him all day, but my sons were getting very anxious, so we had to leave.

That evening we had a prayer for my grandfather and he passed away the following morning.  He was ready to go, he had missed his wife since the moment she passed a little more than two years earlier.  This Strawberry Pie was her recipe, my home is laced with many of her wonderful books and decorations.  I am forever grateful for them and the memories they bring.

I also feel that when I create her recipes, she is here with me again.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I always have!!  This was my husband’s first ever Strawberry Pie and I wouldn’t have served him any other one.  If you make yours with just as much love, I am certain it will be wonderful.



My Little Helper!


Smiling Strawberry Pie

Grandma and Grandpa ❤️



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