Taco Tutorial 

I just wanted to share my taco recipe with all ya’ll. In my short 28 (cough) years I have never seen tacos made like this, except by my mother.

It is really fairly simple. You can fill the tacos with ground beef, chicken or any other protein you may like. It would even be great vegetarian style with just beans and cheese. My mom would always make extras with just cheese. Mmmmmm cheese.

I make my gluten free, merely because I like the corn tortillas. However, my mother has Celiac, so the odds of my children having it as well are pretty high. Due to that, I do like to keep their gluten intake to a minimum.

My husband likes flour tortillas, so that is how I make them for him. If you’re ever having tacos I hope you enjoy making them with this recipe!


1 lb. ground beef, browned with taco seasoning and optional onions

1 small pkg or flour or corn tortillas

2 cups shredded cheese


After hamburger is browned remove from pan and drain any excess grease. Place a small amount of butter in frying pan that is on medium heat. Place your tortilla in the pan, place a handful of cheese and meat on top. Fold tortilla in half, bake until cheese is melted then flip to other side until warmed. Continue this process for each taco.


Taco Sauce (equal part ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together)



Sour cream



All toppings are optional to your preference as well. We always had our homemade taco sauce and I like to have tomatoes on mine as well.

I hope you enjoy these how-to videos. Thank you to my five year old for being the videographer.

Tacos, tacos, tacos!!

Melted cheeeeessseee

My sons plate.

My plate.

Hubby’s taco

Gotta have the taco sauce

How the “baby” eats his taco. Mmmm


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