Sedona, AZ

Our family loves to travel!  This can often be difficult with children, though.

Since we had a three day weekend, we decided to head to Sedona, AZ. All I can say is holy gorgeous!

When we arrived, I found a groupon for a tour and it was so cool. It was 2.5 hours and we got to see everything Sedona had to offer. Our tour guide, Al, was great! He pointed out great geography and food, which I truly appreciated.

One of the places he told us about was The Sedona Fudge Company. Let’s just say, I came home with a pound of fudge. The smell alone is meant to drive in business and it definitely sucked me in.

After our tour, we went to our hotel The Sunset Chateau. Surprisingly, there aren’t many restaurants that face the sunset for dinner. Fortunately, our hotel had a gorgeous sunset and we decided to order in, because the kids were getting cranky. There was only one place that delivered Schezuan, but it was really yummy!  I even had some fresh sushi!

View from our room.

After dinner we went to the jacuzzi and then off to bed for everyone. We were all very tired.

The night was great, until about 2am, when the baby decided he didn’t want to sleep anymore. Such is life with children.

We realized the baby wasn’t feeling well and since he didn’t sleep we cancelled the jeep tour we had scheduled for the next day. However, we are returning in February!

The breakfast at our hotel was scrumptious! They had coffee, tea and cereal set out, but also cooked a meal for the day. They were so helpful too. They brought out a high chair for TJ and made him some scrambled eggs.

 Delicious French Toast

Since we cancelled the jeep tour, we decided to walk around uptown and do some shopping. Even though things didn’t go as planned we still had a wonderful day! I can’t wait to go back.

Pizza for lunch!

  Somebody was sleepy.



 I spy the moon.



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