What Life is Like With Your Second Child

Recently, our family took a road trip to San Diego for our anniversary. While we were there we had the opportunity to eat at the restaurant where we had our reception. It was an amazing evening and we brought our two boys with us. When we arrived they sat us next to another family with a baby. Shortly after our arrival another family with a baby was seated next to us. 

In both families the baby was a first born, here’s how I could tell…

Highchair covers…did you know this was a thing!? Well, I didn’t and guess whose baby didn’t have one? Ours. Because, well he’s baby #2…

Diaper bags, ha. With my first the diaper bag lasted a few months and was just changed in for a larger purse. My current “diaper bag”, my purse, was left in our car.

Baby food. Baby food is just about the nastiest thing on earth. We subjected our poor first born to this and his palate is so bland. He still doesn’t want to explore new foods at age 5. With our 2nd, I would make food or he just eats what were having. He had French fries that night. 

Socks AND shoes. First, let me clarify we live in warm weather socks and shoes are not a necessity. Same for San Diego. It was a warm night and our son couldn’t walk yet so they’re really just an accessory. Both of those babies were wearing them. 

Baby talk.  I’m not talking about talking to your baby. I’m talking about the adults talking about the baby. This was their conversation. Ours? Not so much, honestly it probably leaned more toward something about what we were going to do back at the hotel, if you know what I mean…

Noise levels.  Any noise made by those babies was instantly shushed, checked on or something was altered to make them happy. Let’s just say ours wasn’t so quiet and was mostly due to dad playing with him. 

The first child. Oh yes, our older one was there too. He’s been dining with us since infancy and as long as he’s coloring, he is happy. He ate his dinner without complaint and played with his little brother. 

When you have a second child, things are just a little different. When my first born was three months old, we went to a wedding and I wouldn’t let anyone hold him. I was just like these other mothers. If you see me at a wedding with my baby now, please come hold him. How were things different for you and your second, third, fourth child and beyond?

With Beyonce’s recent baby announcement, do you think she’s ready for baby number 2&3?!


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