No Diet Mama and How to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies

Last night, while my husband and I were enjoying our hot tub, he mentioned once again how he would like to lose weight.

As always, I have supported what ever he would like to do. We are going to Hawaii in September and he wants to feel good about himself.  I completely understand.  That being said, I have always loved my husband just as he is.  I tend to cringe a bit when he mentions weight loss, because he tends to starve himself and it’s just not healthy. So while discussing we made an agreement.  NO DIETING!  Yes, he would enjoy all he still loves, but in moderation. You are probably thinking, that is just a diet, but it really is not.  At least not to me.  To me, dieting is cutting out things for good.  Tracking every calorie and overall making life miserable.

I have been on the dieting train, it is one that makes millions each year and could almost define America’s economics.  I have also been persuaded to join a multilevel marketing group all in honor of dieting and weight loss.  These people claim to love you and have your best interest, and maybe some do.  However, the bottom line is sales and I was used. I also basically starved myself to maintain a perfect figure and motivate those who would maybe join me.  It just was not healthy.

I learned from my mother and should have kept this motto my entire life, everything in moderation.  No, you do not need three helpings at dinner and dessert on top of it.  I do treat myself to dessert almost every night though, I also try to take a walk every day. It’s my balance. I think too often we can get caught up in how we want to look and focus everything on life on that. I can firmly say, that I will never try to diet again.  I will eat what I like.  I have many friends who focus on the every detail of their food. It is exhausting to eat at their homes, the comments they make about eating make me nuts.

My original courage to kick the dieting to the curb, came from this book and I would highly recommend this to others! 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS-Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve

Here is something else, something I have learned from my children.  We do keep most things healthy in our home.  Snacks are usually fruits and veggies, but it may also be cookies and pop tarts. THEY ARE WATCHING YOU EAT!!! I LOVE food, there is not much that I do not enjoy.  I used to think that I was lucky with my kids and food, they eat their veggies and fruit is a treat for them. Then, I realized something very important. They eat their veggies, because I eat my veggies.  It is as simple as that. I have never turned my nose up at broccoli or lima beans and am always willing to try something new. I enjoy an apple with peanut butter as much as I love my chocolate cookies.

My exploration and willingness to try new food, makes my kids willing to try new food as well. Sure, there are things they do not like.  My toddler will not eat bananas, unless I am.  Funny how that works. Also, my five year old has an aversion to eggs after my pregnancy aversion to eggs. What I am trying to say is, if you eat it, your kids may be willing to try as well. I am not a scientist or nutritionist, this may not work for you, but it is always worth a try.

Another big thing in our house, is that I am not a short order cook.  Dinner is dinner and if you do not like it, I am sorry.  I truly am, but I will not be making anything else. Unless, of course, I have made something inedible. In that case, we all get pizza.



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