Newborns Are My Jam

About a year ago I posted this very unflattering photo of myself, on purpose.

In this photo I am holding our neighbors baby, who was only days old. My caption said “oh, my heart.”

For those who know me, you know how much I absolutely adore children, especially babies! Kids are fun, too, but there’s something about those newborn snuggles and smells that instantly make my uterus quake.

In this photo my very own baby was already eight months old, he had decided to stop nursing, on his own, and I was missing everything about those baby days. I was also lacking a lot of confidence after having my second little guy. My body didn’t bounce back like it did the first time and I’m still carrying the extra baby weight, to this very day.

I was so excited to hold this little guy! Even if only for a few minutes, so I posted this photo for one reason only. To remember how happy I am when I hold newborn babies. I realized it doesn’t matter who thinks I am attractive, who thinks I am skinny or who thinks I’m not any of these things. All that really matters is the happiness of this moment.

Luckily, I have nice friends and no one mentioned my double chin or huge zit. I’m also still glad I posted this picture, because I look at it fondly and remember all of the other babies I have held in my days and just how absolutely precious they are.

So, if you see me and have a baby. Pass them over! Odds are I’m ogling them, because I just want to snuggle. Newborns are the best!

Oh, and post pictures of yourself in your happiest moments. Even if you think you look bad. Odds are, you will only look back with fondness at that moment.


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