Writing Improvements

Today, I was searching for ways to improve my writing and found a handy tool on wordpress.com. The instructions are for twenty days of activities to improve writing. Day one was to start writing without an outline, so here I am.
Although, I am not great at writing I have always enjoyed it. I feel it is a great way to express one’s feelings. My mom was not a great communicator and would write us a letter to let us know how she was feeling, maybe this is why I relate so much to writing.

When I became a nanny I always wanted to begin a blog and help other nannies and parents. I wish I had known how to do this nine years ago, when I started my work as a nanny. However, I did not understand the technology and how to begin a blog, so I never really started a successful blog. I tried to start a few blogs, but I never got far, because I would become frustrated when no one would read the blog or I did not know when I would have the time to write between kids and school.

Now I have some free time thanks to my older son being in school, but it can still be challenging with the little one at home. I always thought I knew it all when I was a nanny. Now that I am a mom, I see just how little I knew. So, maybe it is a blessing that I was unable to get the word out. I probably would have been chewed out by parents, in hindsight I knew nothing.

Being a parent is very different than being a nanny. Although, the “job” is about the same, caring for children, as a nanny you are there for a set number of hours and typically defer to the parents for the final say. As a parent, you have to make that final decision and the guilt and weight of wondering if you made the correct decision is always on your mind.IMG_0605I remember when my first son was born I was so very upset. I bawled when my parents left, because I just did not know how this tiny human being was going to be kept alive by me. Of course, I had my husband’s help, but I believe as women we feel a lot guiltier for the everyday events that occur in their lives. What I did not realize at the time was that even men are souly connected to their children. My husband refuses to fly with our children, because he does not want them to be in any pain and their ears always hurt. I would absolutely love to foster children, but he does not want to because he is afraid that he will love them and then they will have to move on to another home. Now that we have two children I realize his love more fully. There are many posts and blogs all for moms and we definitely need to include dad in the parenting sphere. I, myself, am guilty of this, but I will definitely do my best to include all in these posts.

The next part of the challenge was to post this onto our blog, so I apologize for the rushed rubbish, but hopefully it does continue to improve my writing skills.


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