How I Make $2000 A Month and Spend Every Day with My Kids

OK, this post has been some time in the thinking and I have been a bit hesitant about posting it. However, yesterday after a conversation with a friend I decided I should write it, because maybe it will benefit someone.

Let me preface this by saying we do not make a ton of money, my husband and I live a modest lifestyle, that we both love. Neither of us have aspirations to own the biggest house on the block. All I would like to do is be able to stay home with my kids and I know he just wants to be in a job he loves, making enough to support us and he does.

$2,000.00 also is not a lot, but when you still get to be with your kids, it makes a difference. Also, most of this money is saved for our futures or trips we would like to take.

One of the main reason I wanted to start this blog is to help other moms. I want to help those who need child care as well as moms who want to stay home with their kids. You can find child care solutions here.

I make my money doing actual work, but I do it at a time where my kids are sleeping or they can come with me. Technically, I am a working mom, but I still spend most of my time with my kids. This is what I want. I tried to work full-time out of my home, when I wrecked my car on the way to work and was happy about that, I knew it was time to quit. If you are in a similar situation, these ideas may be helpful to you. Or, if you just want to boost your income for some more spending money or any other reason, I hope this will help!

Anywho, I digress. Here are the three things I do to make an extra $2000 a month for our family and you could, too!

  1. Nanny and Babysitting Income $840.00– I am always working as a nanny and babysitter for someone. You can find these jobs online or ask friends if they need help, parents usually do! If you wanted to open your own in-home daycare, you could probably bring in more, but this may offer less flexibility. If you are planning on working all day, you will need to be there. Another great option would be after-school care only. This would give you more freedom, but still bring in some income. Look at your states average daycare cost to learn what to charge. For example, my son’s after school care program is $240/month, so this would be your competitor pricing. However, you may be able to charge more because you can drive the children to after school activities. My current monthly income for child care is $840.00 to be precise.
  2. Caregiver Income $500-$1,000.00-Much like being a nanny or babysitter a caregiver cares for those who are elderly. You may need to take a course for this, depending on your in-home care agency. The best way to find these jobs is to look up in home care agencies in your area. See what requirements are needed and apply. Most of the duties are comparable to child care, except you need to remember speaking with the elderly and children are very different. You must respect their needs and wishes as an adult. I currently work two nights a week, sometimes more as a caregiver. There can be a lot of extra shifts available. There are a lot of great short shifts, if your children are in school. My monthly income varies for this one from $500.00-1000.00 each month. Sometimes a client will pass on and you need to be prepared for this.
  3. Writing and Blogging 200.00-This one is brand new to me. I just earned my first check for freelance writing this month! So far, I have only made $100.00, but I only see this one increasing over time. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. I do not have any tip or tricks yet, I am still learning! However I found all of my work at Beyond Your Blog. I have also earned 100.00 from my blog, which is pretty good considering I just started a few months ago.  The best way to do this is using Blue Host, I have added a page of how to create your own blog here. I love this, because I do not have to leave the house and can work while my son naps. Many bloggers eventually make enough to support their families. I am certain I will join this club one day as well!



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