12 Crazy Things Moms Do Every Day Without Even Thinking About It

Before you had kids, life was all about you and perhaps your significant other, but more or less you could do whatever you pleased. Now that you have kids your life has changed in so many ways, sometimes you don’t even realize what has happened.

  1. Pretty much every conversation is about your kids. When you finally get to yourself, you talk about boobs, butts and lady parts like it’s nothing.
  2. You plan your “bathroom schedule” around naps or school time. Otherwise, it’s just constant bombardment. No one can go that way.
  3. You watch kid shows. All. Day. Long. You know all the songs. “Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog! It’s time for your checkup.”
  4. You over analyze everything your kid does. You will google at least one thing a day. Is he/she on track. Are they socializing? Was that a word. Maybe I have the next genius baby!
  5. You argue or discuss online with other moms you have never met, probably will never meet and often support others in their times of need, though you will never meet them. You just feel a mom connection.
  6. You always put the kid first. OK, now and then you let yourself splurge, but it mostly about them. Their left overs do make a delicious dinner.
  7. You forget at least one thing a day. At the grocery store, from your diaper bag, maybe a kid. It doesn’t matter how many Pinterest hacks you use; you’re going to forget something. Blame the mom brain.
  8. You feel guilty. There’s so many articles about forgetting the mom guilt, but when your kid smacks his head after tripping on the yoga mat you should have put away, you’re just going to feel bad. (But hey, you did your yoga, hooray!)
  9. You’ll end up asking your significant other questions about how he/she ate, was everyone nice to them are all their friends okay? It’s just a mom thing. I can’t even explain this one. If you don’t ask about regular bowel movements. Kudos.
  10. You’ll also end up telling your significant other about some of the most mundane items, like “how exciting it was getting out of the house and tommy pooped five times!”
  11. This may not apply to everyone, but you care a lot less about other people and their drama. You’re just trying to survive another episode of Doc Mcstuffins with two actual sick kids. You’re too busy to deal with someone else’s crap. However, you will try your best to listen to your single friend’s boy problems and promptly tell her to never have kids.
  12. You’ll have so much love in your life, you won’t know what to do. My kids cling to me like monkeys. It’s definitely changed everything I do, but I am so grateful for them! Single friends, do have kids. It’s totally worth it.



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