How To Avoid Paying for Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are so expensive. When I go to the store and see an outfit that I would like for my son and realize it’s $20, let me tell you no way, Jose!

Have I ever mentioned I am a cheap, cheap, cheap-o. Especially with clothing. When my shirt costs more than $5, I need to have a truly good reason. I wasn’t always this way. I did splurge in college, but I’ve come to realize I would rather spend my money elsewhere and kids are expensive. 

So, here’s how I have avoided paying for baby clothes for my kids, other than the few outfits we really wanted. 

1. Throw A Baby Shower: I have to be honest, I loathed the idea of a baby shower. I don’t like being the center of attention, but it was well worth it! This is how we got all the clothes for our first child. We didn’t have to shop for him until age 5! Seriously, if you’re not a party person, make it virtual. No one around to throw it for you? Do your own! Odds are, once someone finds out you’re doing it yourself, they will pitch in to help. 

2. Ask friends and family members if they have extra clothes they’re getting rid of and wouldn’t mind giving to you. This is how we made it to age five without shopping for clothes. I was given the bigger sizes when my son was a baby, but I knew he would need them! We just put them in storage for the future. Luckily, boy clothes seem to be the same over the years, but I believe you could do this with girls as well.

3. Swap with a friend. A friend and I trade clothes back and forth. Her son is five months older than mine, so she gives me clothes he’s outgrown and I give her the larger clothes my older son has outgrown. It’s been great! You can ask your friends with kids if they’d be willing to do this or join a site like this one, dedicated to clothes swapping. Personally, I’m not too concerned if the clothes get a little worn, but if you are just avoid trading any you absolutely love. 

4. Ask for clothes and shoes for your kids gifts. At Christmas and birthdays I always get messages asking what my kids want. I’ll say some toys and then add some clothes or shoes to the list, because my kids grandma and aunt love to buy these for them. Could I afford to get them? Sure, but why not? Especially, when they want to give these kinds of gifts!

5. If you can’t find a friend willing to swap or these other options don’t work try craigslist, Facebook groups and second hand shops. Most likely they will be significantly cheaper or you can bargain. I’ll tell you right now, we knew we were done having kids and I was eager to get rid of the excess baby items. I’m certain if you ask around, you can find someone in my same position. Also, Target is great for cheaper kids clothes. They usually sale outfit sets for as cheap at $5. Score!

How did you save on your child’s clothes?


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