A Note to All Women On Mother’s Day

To those women who have lost their children. I see you. My heart aches for you. I feel guilty as I play with my own children and celebrate their birthdays. I know each day you wish you could do it all over again. You may blame yourself, it is not your fault. Your children know your love, even if it was only for precious moments. Even if you only knew you were going to be a Mom for a week. That love is there, hold onto it.

To those women struggling to have children. I see you. Each month brings new hope. You are trying with all your might to bring a precious baby into this world. You have tried so many different things, keep trying. Do not give up. Your precious baby will come, maybe in the most unexpected way possible.

To those women whose children are adopted. You are an amazing Mother. You have opened your heart and your home in a way that is beyond loving. You are raising another’s child as your own, you see them as nothing but your own and do not treat them any differently. I aspire to be like you.

To those women who are newly pregnant. I see you. I see your joy. Maybe you haven’t told anyone yet. You are about to embark on one of the most incredible journeys of your life. It will not always be enjoyable, but I promise, it is worth it. I wish the best for you and your baby during this time.

To those women whose children are ill. I see you. I can only imagine your pain. I know you would do anything to take the pain from your ailing child. I pray to give you peace. I pray that there will be a cure and I pray that you will enjoy each moment with your child. I pray for their recovery and I pray for you as well.

To those women who have lost their mothers. I see you. I know you are suffering. Especially during this holiday and many others, please know you are not alone. Please know it is okay if you do not want to celebrate. Others may not understand, but it is your day to spend as you wish. Even if you have children of your own, they will understand. Take the day slowly, think of yourself and possibly the fond memories of your mother.

To those women who never had mothers. I see you. I see the pain. Your mother was not around, perhaps she was not a fit mother. Perhaps she passed before you were able to know her. You found another woman to fill her role, it may not be the same, but thankfully she was there. Perhaps you never found someone to fill the void. I am sorry for your suffering. As you begin to grow your own family I see you take your role of mother very seriously. Your children are thriving in your care. I know you question yourself, because you never had a mother to role model after, let me tell you, friend. You are doing absolutely amazing.

To those women who are angry at your mothers. I see you. I understand some of your feelings. Some mothers try their very best, but just cannot please everyone. Sometimes they do not try at all. I know you feel betrayed your mother is supposed to be there for you. Please know there can be healing. You cannot control the actions of others, but you can control yourself. Lighten your load, try to forgive your mother and let her go, if needed.

To those women who suffer from illness. I see you. I see you struggle. I see you wanting to be there for all of your children’s activities, I see you cry because you know you do not always have the strength. I see your worry; you think you are hindering your children. You are not. Your children love you. Someday they will understand. They know you are trying your best. Whether your illness is mental or physical, they will know you gave it your all.

To those women whose mothers are ill. I see you. Your days are spent caring for your mother. You are trying to make her comfortable. This woman, who gave her all to you. You are trying to return this favor to her. You feel that you are falling short, but she will be forever grateful that you are there.

To those women who have decided not to be mothers. I see you. I commend you. Many people say you are selfish, I believe the exact opposite. You are selfless. You know your limits, your life and you respect that. We need more women like you in the world.

To those women who spend their days at work. I see you. You are always a mom, even when you are at work, your kids are your first priority. Maybe you work because you want to, maybe because you must. No matter the situation, your children will always appreciate you and your strength. You spend your days at work and then come home and manage their as well. You are a Rockstar, mama.

To those women who spend their days at home. I see you. You spend countless days with your children, you may or may not have decided to stay with them. I see your countless sacrifices for your children, you miss adult interaction and hope you are making the correct decisions. You often write about your woes online hoping to connect to others. You’re amazing, Mama.

To those women who just became mothers. I see you. You are navigating newly found waters. This may be one of the most difficult times to have children. Every picture you post could be scrutinized, if you decide to post them at all. You do not want to offend anyone with over posting. I say post away, Mama! Those baby days go by so quickly and before you know it you will be a pro.

I see each and every one of you in friends, family and acquaintances. I see your worries. I can never know your exact feelings or situations, but I hope you know you are never alone and you are loved.

Happy Mother’s Day! Or, if you’re not celebrating, Happy Sunday!


9 thoughts on “A Note to All Women On Mother’s Day”

  1. I loved your kind words for working moms. Although now I’m a SAHM, I was a working mom for years, and truly there’s nothing harder than that- coming home tired, with loads of cooking and housework waiting for you, and hardly any chance to spend some quality time with the kids. My heart goes out to all the working moms out there on Mother’s Day. You are all true warriors!
    Fabiola at wonderfabi.wordpress.com


  2. I loved this more than you could ever imagine. I’m going to post one similar and will be sure to give credit where credit is due, and add your link to the post. Thank you so much for this post!


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