LYPBB Challenge Day 15: Remove the Clutter from Your Home

LYPBB Challenge Day 15: Remove the Clutter from Your Home

This week our home has been going through a lot of organizing. I rearranged our children’s room, and our extra room, as well. During this organization, I got rid of a lot of items that we really don’t need.

Removing the clutter from my home gives me a sense of peace and accomplishment. It also makes me feel better about myself. I feel I have a new sense of purpose and think much more clearly when the house isn’t full of crap.

This rejuvenation also usually comes with more inspiration of goals I would like to accomplish. When I begin to set these goals, I feel like a new person. And that leads to more self-love and positive thinking about me. I know, I know, it sounds selfish and arrogant, but honestly, you need to be your own biggest advocate in life. Of course, others will support you along the way, too.

This week, as I continue to remove the clutter from our home, I hope you will join me in doing this. Often, this process takes more than one day because we all have so much stuff!

In other news, our family went peach picking today, and it was so much fun!! If you can do this where you live, I highly recommend it. Enjoy the photos!

It was definitely a fun day!

{Wondering what the LYPBB Challenge is all about? Start here!}

Remove the clutter
Remove the clutter — go peach picking afterward!
picking peaches
peach pie
Peach pie

Reach high!Picking peachespeach picking; too much excitementremove the clutter and enjoy life


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