LYPBB Challenge Day 17: Time with Your Friends

LYPBB Challenge Day 17: Spend Time with Your Friends

If you’re new to our journey here you’re probably thinking what the heck is LYPBB Challenge. Well, this is a challenge for all women to love their post-baby bodies. You can learn more in my introductory post here.

A large part of learning to love ourselves after a major change is self-care. As I try to encompass these in our challenge I understand there may be underlying issues. Postpartum depression, eating disorders, anxiety and other issues may play a large role in learning to love and accept our new bodies. If you’re finding that this is something you struggling with please find help. There’s no shame in asking and most insurance companies are realizing the need to include mental health care as well. Check your plan and get the help you need. There are also many non-profit groups if you aren’t covered on your insurance.

Another great place to talk about your frustrations is with your friends. The only place I’d rather be if I’m not with family, is with friends. A girls night out with a little wine, lots of food and lots of talking is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Even if you can’t escape without your children, heading to another mom friends home with the kids in tow is still very therapeutic. I often call up my friends asking for a play-date so that I can get out of the house. We might be interrupted often, but I’m still given a chance to talk to another adult about life.

Friends are so important in our lives and I hope you’re able to reach out to yours today or over the next few days. I know I’ll feel great after my girls night this week!

Peace and long life!

{Wondering what the LYPBB Challenge is all about? Start here!}


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