LYPBB Challenge Day 21: Envision Your Future

LYPBB Challenge Day 21: Envision Your Future

I hope everyone had a wonderful evening with their significant other last night.

Our family went to Red Lobster to celebrate the end of the school year. Hello, crab! Then, we headed out for some ice cream; it was a great night. After the boys were in bed, my husband and I had a great chat about our lives, goals, and future.

Today’s goal is to envision your future. Unlike setting goals, when you envision your future it is more of an idea. Where do you want to spend your time and money? Are you hoping for a home full of children or is one enough for you? Our visions of the future are ever-changing. Once upon a time, my visions for the future were very different than they are now. When I was focusing on my modeling, physical fitness was a huge factor in my everyday life, and I envisioned a lean, solid physique.

This has definitely changed for me. Right now, my future looks like one full of lots of sticky kisses, so gym time is less important. I can tell you the exact moment this vision changed for me. I know I have mentioned this previously, but last summer our grandmother passed away. It was very sudden and unexpected; I truly thought we had many more years together. This sudden loss really made me think about my life. Why was I spending so much time worrying about my weight and my looks? Who even cared, anyway? My husband was not pressuring me to change, and my diet is not unhealthy. So why all the obsession? I definitely think part of this answer has to do with societal pressure. As women, we are expected to pop out a baby and then move on with our lives as if nothing has happened, even though the change is phenomenal. Then there were subtle hints from other people saying how much I had changed (i.e., you have gained weight). And, of course, that ten-year reunion coming up. I did not plan on going, but I still wanted to put on a show for others and make a good first impression with my looks.

All of these are very superficial ideas that do not matter. So what if I don’t look the same as I did in high school? Most people don’t. If other’s opinions about me were based solely on my looks, I do not want to be around these people anyway. For me, I do not want a future where all I am concerned about is how I look. I was finally done obsessing over this and, let me tell you friends, that has been the most freeing feeling of my life!

Unfortunately, most of society does not share my views on this matter. We are all constantly bombarded with the ideas that we need to lose weight, or be a certain size to be of value. THAT IS NOT TRUE!!! I am telling you right now, a person’s weight does not define them. If anyone makes you think otherwise, you need to ignore them or possibly cut them out of your life, maybe not forever, but until you are strong enough to ignore them.

Once upon a time I decided to join an MLM whose main focus was weight loss, they tried to sugarcoat their weight loss theme with “feeling like your best self and making you a healthier person.” None of this was true; it was all a selling scheme. If society did not lay this pressure on men and women that we must be of a certain size to be of value, their entire company would be out of business. Do you know who their biggest target is? Yep, you guessed it. Moms who have just had babies. I will say at least half of women will try out one of these programs at least once in their life. I am guilty, and I am not trying to tell someone how to live their life. Take a moment to think about your future and why you are really doing this. Is it so you can feel better? Did you join to make a quick buck (guilty) and hey, maybe you really do believe in the product. Who am I to judge? Just really think about what you want for your future and where you are going to find that.

At the end of the day, the MLM was not for me, I suck at selling things and did not appreciate those who worked above me. They did not truly have my best interest at heart; they were just in it for their bottom line. Also, more importantly, weight loss was no longer of importance to me. Loving myself and my body, as it is, is much more important to me.

As you envision your future, think of what is important to you and your family. I hope you all enjoy this challenge.

{Wondering what the LYPBB Challenge is all about? Start here!}


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