What I Wish Someone had Told Me Before Kindergarten

In honor of my son finishing kindergarten, I am sharing my post from the momfia show about what I wish someone had warned me about before kindergarten.

What I Wish Someone Had Told ME Before Kindergarten

Posted on November 7, 2015 by Mama B

Kindergarten is such a fun time for kids!!  They get to go to school, play and interact with others, all while learning. I was so excited for my son to start kindergarten.  He had attended some preschool, but most of the time he had been home and I knew he would love being around other kids.

After a few days in kindergarten, here are some things I wish someone had told me.

  1. You will NOT, I repeat NOT have free time when your child starts kindergarten. All my friends (with kids younger than me) said “oh, it’s going to be so nice you will have all this time to yourself.” No, no and just no. Besides having to wake up hours earlier than normal to get him to school on time I am now daily bombarded with activities at school. Things to do at home, buy, bake, sale and enlist my friends to help out as well.
  2. Don’t sign up to be a room parent, unless you don’t work or are just super mom. I accidentally signed up for this and felt too guilty to say no once I realized what I had done. There is another room parent, but as she so eloquently told me she is a working mom, so she can only send emails. Which, left me to all classroom duties. For the record, I have a full time job as well. Not that I felt the need to shove that in her face.
  3. Kindergarteners have homework.  Homework you are expected to help with each time. This ties into you having no free time.
  4. Be prepared for kid drama.  I’m sure this varies, but my son was wrestled by another child the first day and constantly tells me stories about so and so.
  5. Be prepared to invest a couple hundred dollars into your school. I’m totally serious about this. Between supplies, fundraisers, snacks and the one kid who doesn’t have a towel and your son so generously offered to bring him one. How could you say no to that?! It’s going to add up quickly.
  6. Kindergarten orientation really doesn’t prepare you. Every time I go in I’m still asking directions to something and trying to figure out how the system works.  It just takes time or hopefully you’re luckier than me and have friend’s whose kids go to your school.
  7. Parent teacher meetings are mom led. Sorry dads, that’s just what I’ve experienced. Be the change and ask your hubby to join in.
  8. Germs!!! If your child hasn’t been in a previous setting where they are constantly surrounded by other kids, prepare yourselves. My child came home for the first two months with an illness every week!  They usually weren’t serious enough to miss school, but definitely annoying. Even when your kids have had most bugs, they will probably still get sick. Update on this, we had a recent illness brought home that made everyone sick. Two weeks later and we’re still recovering from this nonsense.

All in all school has been great for our son, I just wish I had known some of these beforehand so I was more prepared. What do you wish you had known before your child started kindergarten?


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