LYPBB Challenge Day 23 & 24: Stop Dieting and Listen to Your Body

LYPBB Challenge Days 23 and 24: Stop Dieting and Listen to Your Body.

There is nothing I want to do less in this world than start a diet. I would rather risk my life swimming with sharks, while I am bleeding. That’s how much dieting sucks, and I know I am not alone in these feelings. There are millions of memes exhibiting the exact awfulness of dieting and talking to someone who is on a diet is just absolutely exhausting.

I am not a dietitian or doctor, but I do believe we would all be better off skipping fad diets and just listen to our bodies instead. This is how I live my life. When I have a particular craving, I eat the food. I do not skip meals or force myself to eat just because of caloric count. I believe this is a very unhealthy way to live. If you are eating or drinking something with limited calories, eventually your body will again succumb to hunger.

If you are participating in a diet of starving yourself, please just stop and eat what you would like. If you take a few weeks and just start eating what your body is craving, you will learn what you truly need. Our bodies are amazing! As human beings, we are born not only to survive but thrive. Your body will tell you what you need, just trust me. I have days where I want nothing but chocolate and chips, and then there are days when I want only fruits and vegetables. Due to my body chemistry I need to have a diet increased in protein, and when I need this, my body tells me.

When you are on a diet, particularly a restricting one, you are robbing yourself of nutrition. Yes, you can take vitamins, but that doesn’t replace the food your body needs. If you are about to make a change in your lifestyle, please talk to your doctor first. If you need guidance on learning to listen to your body Caroline Dooner has created an amazing series called The Fuck It Diet that teaches you to truly listen to your body. I am part of one of her free groups, and it has been so eye opening. The mental torture people put themselves through over food astounds me. At times, I have to avoid reading the posts others leave because it can be emotionally draining. And I am only reading the posts! I cannot imagine what the individuals themselves are feeling.


It makes me feel very fortunate that I was born in a home that was not focused on weight and diet. When my mother was younger, she would feed us something from each food group. Do you guys remember the old food pyramid? Well, now it’s different, but I still apply this to my family. We have protein, carbohydrates, and fruits or vegetables, sometimes both. I also have dessert regularly! It should not be rocket science to feed your family.

Another large part of the diet scene is just to look a certain way. Did you guys see the post by a woman claiming that it is vital for her to stay hot for her husband? I am not even including the link because it is ridiculous! Holy Batman! Here is the thing. We are all made differently. I weigh 150 pounds, but I am also 5’10”. My 150 pounds would look entirely different on someone who is five feet tall! My husband is a bigger dude, and I cannot tell you the number of comments I get about this. However, because I am thinner, people just assume that I do more than him. Excuse me while I wipe the water from my screen. I’m laughing too hard. My husband does more walking in one day than I do in one week; he is just a different build. So, when you hear or see a product promising a Victoria’s Secret body, you sure as hell better be skeptical. We do not and cannot look the same.

Remember the lessons in diversity we were taught when younger? These lessons definitely apply to our bodies as well. There is no one way to be hot. If all you’re worried about is your looks, life is going to be really rough when you begin to age. When you are about 80, I am pretty sure it is all the same at that point. Unless you have millions of dollars to spend on plastic surgery. But seriously, for the love of Batman, STOP DIETING! Eat the fucking cake! There is no such thing as a perfect summer body, and when you are 80, you’re going to be more upset that you didn’t eat that cake. Cake is delicious. Just look at all this food. Now excuse me while I go stuff my face.

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