Ten Reasons I Will Not Be Attending my Ten-Year High School Reunion

My ten year high school reunion is happening some time this month, it may have already occurred, I am not totally sure. However, there is one thing I do know. I will not be there and let me tell you why.

  1. It is the same thing ten years later. The same people are organizing the event, they are doing the same things we have always done, except there might be an open bar. Hooray! Now, I just get to see the same people ten years later, drunk.
  2. Social Media. I already know what the people I care about are doing with their lives, we are Facebook friends. If I want to take the time to see them, I will.
  3. I do not want to relive my high school years. High school was not the best part of my life. That life chapter is happening now. When I was in high school I was very shy and awkward, my classmates took this to mean that I was stuck up. Which, could not have been further from the truth. I was so scared of talking to them and am a very introverted person. In a ridiculous effort to fit in with the “cool kids” I did some really stupid things that labeled me as a slut. Even if I was, who freaking cares. Kids are mean and unbeknownst to many of my classmates a few girls set up an entire situation to humiliate me and make sure I was aware of what a slut they thought I was. I do not want to remember this situation. Just writing it now gives me knots in my stomach.introvert1
  4. Rumors. Much like this awkward scenario above, there are still rumors circulating about me. I just heard a new one the other day. I am from a really small town, so I guess that’s just what happens, but I do not want to hear rumors about others either. If I want to know what is happening with someone I will ask them.
  5. Graduating high school really is not that big of a deal. High school is one of the easier parts of life. When you graduate college, I will come celebrate with you. The fact that we make high school out to be such an important thing is just ridiculous. You have to attend high school, it is mandatory. Even if you do not graduate you can obtain your GED and still have an amazing life. We make out those four years to be such a huge deal when they are barely a blip in our lives.
  6. Social anxiety. Thinking about this entire situation makes me socially anxious, which then makes me feel like crap. If I have this much anxiety just thinking about a situation, I don’t want to go.
  7. Funds. Traveling to my home town for some reason is so expensive. I can fly further places for cheaper. It is weird, I could suck it up and drive hours, but I am not going to do that with two kids in the car, none of that sounds fun. Also, they expect me to pay for the tickets, because it is self funded and in the end I would just rather spend my money on other things, to be completely honest.Much to my own dismay I am not a millionaire yet and live on a budget. I would rather save our money for our Hawaii vacation in September.beachplay
  8. It is not my idea of a vacation. This goes in hand with my funds discussion. I do enjoy visiting my parents, but their home is not a vacation destination. If I am going to go somewhere over the summer I want it to be a destination my entire family can enjoy.
  9. Judgments. The entire days of events will be me and others trying to make ourselves sound way cooler than we are. I am not cool, guys. I am a nanny who drives a mini van around and writes about it. I do not want to stand around and make that sound cool or watch other’s sympathetic “wow, she’s such a loser, look”
  10. Because I don’t freaking want to. Last and most importantly I just do not want to go. The end.

There are some people I do truly like from my high school years and when I do not have a screaming toddler in the car I will come see you. I promise.



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