Dads Can Do Stuff Too

New moms are weird. Let me rephrase this, new moms are weird, because we worry about the weirdest things. I’m not saying weird is bad. I like weird. I like being weird in the secret space of my home, where no one can see my waffle dance.

But, here’s the deal a lot of new moms are weird about leaving the baby with dad alone for extended periods of time.

I know this because I was one of those weird moms. I didn’t trust my husband to watch our son. I thought something would happen, he wouldn’t handle it well and all hell would break loose.

Guess what? I was wrong.

I’ve also seen the pictures online of pages for the new dads with instructions from mom. Let’s face it, that’s kind of insulting.

I know, I know. The father of your child has likely had little or no experience with children. So, you feel the need to leave him a list of everything. However, I promise even the newest of dads will figure it out. In fact, they might even do better.

I, myself, have not had the joy of leaving my children with my husband for a few days. Boy, that’d be awesome! I did have one week of school that required my full attention and my husband stepped in and did everything and guess what??

He did really well! In fact, he IS better than me with the kids. He just doesn’t want to be home with them all day like I do.


One evening as I was rushing out of the house for work I left my toddler with my husband and a plate of chicken. When I returned home my husband very casually told me our son had choked on the chicken. I freaked and he remained totally calm, he had handled the situation and that was that. No fuss or muss.

This was my ah-ha moment. He knows his shit.

Just as your significant other does and guess what if he doesn’t there’s always Google, texting, FaceTime or a million forms of communication for him to reach out.

So, new moms give yourself some free time, a much needed break, girls night out and let dad watch the baby alone. I’m sure everything will be OK.


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