I’m a Mom in 2016 Who Doesn’t Want to Wear Yoga Pants and Drink Wine Every Night, But Coffee is my BFF

As I continue to read mom blogs, talk to mom friends and look at an insane amount of mom memes I’ve noticed a recurring them. Wine and yoga pants. 

It seems wine and yoga pants have won the Internet and moms all over the world. While I giggle at the memes and articles and am empathetic with my fellow mom friends I very rarely drink wine and don’t like wearing yoga pants all day. 

My affliction to yoga pants began while I was pregnant. After ten months of nothing but stretchy pants and skirts I was over them. I thought the trend may end, but it’s been years and I still prefer to wear jeans or shorts. What can I say? I’m a jeans and tee kind of gal. When I stay in my yoga pants all day I don’t feel like accomplishing anything. It’s totally a mental thing, but jeans just help me get the job done. 

Then, there’s wine. I have nothing against wine and the occasional drink is always fun, I just can’t handle drinking every night. I’m such a light weight that after one glass I’m pretty wobbly. Also, wine makes me tired and if I drink before bed time I’ll probably never get anyone to bed, because I’ll just be drooling on the couch. Perhaps I just need some practice with more wine?

I do love coffee, though. After coffee I feel magical. I can relate to those memes and all my mom friends drink coffee with me. 

However, I’m totally loving and accepting of all different types of moms. If you love yoga pants and wine I love you, too. If you want to discipline your child differently than mine, that is totally up to you and I’ll still love you. 

It’s 2016. The year of the perfect parent and apparently I’m doing it differently than many other fellow moms. Cheers to all the moms out there doing things differently with me. I’ll toast you with my coffee, so my wine doesn’t put me to sleep. 


2 thoughts on “I’m a Mom in 2016 Who Doesn’t Want to Wear Yoga Pants and Drink Wine Every Night, But Coffee is my BFF”

  1. It does seem like it’s the year if the perfect parent. I do like wine from time to time but coffee is also my bff…that and fruit smoothies. As much as I love my yoga pants I’m more of a jeans and tee or maxi dress mama myself.


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