Just a Mom with a Blog

It’s been very hard for me to write lately. As I’ve mentioned, only about a billion times, my kids have gotten the best of me this summer. However, that’s not all. There have been many tragic events occur this summer that I never would have imagined in a million years. 

Innocent men being shot by police, innocent police being shot by men, merely due to their vocation and Trump winning the GOP, officially becoming the republican candidate. It’s a sad time, indeed. 

I spend a lot of my time crying lately. I’m just not really sure what to do. How can I make a difference in this crazy, messed up world? 

I did find part of my answer yesterday; a lot of what I can do to help begins in my home. I saw the quote below and it gave me comfort. Loving my family and my children is one of the best ways I can help in this world. If I give my children love and send them out into the world with this love they are likely to share this love with others. Of course, there are a many different lessons within our home that need to be taught, but the most basic is love. I know this because my parents taught me love. They taught me each life is precious and that’s something I have never forgotten. My parents love me inspite of all my flaws, as parents do. I will continue to love my children in this same way. Teaching them each life is important, so they can spread their love as well. 

Another great tactic in this war on violence, for me, is this blog. As a mom it is my duty to voice my opinion. I know my blog is supposed to be fun and helpful, but I can’t act like these terrible things aren’t happening. I’m going to continue to write about these injustices and voice my opinions. I understand this will make me less popular and less read, but that’s not important to me.

Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Tyrant, but I believe each person has the right to voice their opinion. Even if it isn’t a popular opinion. I have family members and friends who are police officers and those who are African American as well. I’m truly upset about what is happening on both ends. I’m not going to be quiet about it because I’m a white woman. To me, each life is just as valuable as the other. I’m furious that anyone would think and assume differently. I am shaking as I write this, just thinking that there is a person who assumes my life is less, my child’s life may be worth less, for any reason. 

To my fellow mom bloggers I urge you not to stay silent. We are raising the future generations and our opinions matter. Our children will have other influences in their lives, but we are their biggest. Send your children out into the world with love and teach them to love everyone the same. It’s the best lesson we can give our children during these awful times. 


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