Mom Life is the Best Life, But Sometimes, Also the Worst

I never wanted to be anything in my life, but a doctor and mother. Becoming a doctor turned out to be unrealistic, but becoming a mother happened before my original plan. 

Even so, being a mother is my favorite job in the world. There is nothing I would rather do with my days then be with my children. Mom life truly is the best life, for me. However, sometimes it’s also the worst.

I came to this realization last night. As I was cleaning my sons copious amounts of diarrhea from his bed, the bathroom floor, toilet and shower. Sometimes, being a mom just plain sucks. I know some of you are probably wondering where my husband was during this ordeal. He was in our room, trying not to vomit. He has the weakest stomach in the world and I would prefer not to clean throw up as well. 

I’ve been cleaning up after another persons poop for the last eight years. My first experiences with poop, were not my own kids, but those I was privy to nanny. Dealing with one, is the same as dealing with them all. It never becomes easier. Most of the poo moments have been erased from my memory. It’s like my mind knows I need to forget about them. 

There are so many other aspects of motherhood that are just the worst. A couple months back our toddler hit a sleep regression and I felt like I was dying due to the lack of sleep. There’s potty training, teething, bad attitudes and so much more that make us moms wonder what the hell we got ourselves into. 

However, even in the worst of it all, we know how lucky we are. We know how much we love these little people and we would do it all again and even more, if necessary. 

But, some days, I’m not going to lie and sugarcoat motherhood for you, my friends. Some days, it’s just the worst. Especially, when you’re waiting on an impending poop disaster. 


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