I’m Done Competing, Fellow Moms

Consider this the official wave of my white flag. I surrender.

I am done competing with you, my fellow moms.

I’m not really sure where the competition began. I asked if your child was walking or maybe you asked about mine, but suddenly somewhere in our conversation it was clearly a competition. Was little Jimmy walking first or Johnny talking first?

First and foremost no offense to your child, or you, but I don’t really care when they walked or talked. I’m not your pediatrician I don’t know the guidelines and potential delays. I just asked to spark a conversation.

Secondly, all children are different. If someone walked at nine months and another at 18 months, that’s cool! Just like we’re all different so are our children. Each child will hit their milestones at a different time and if you’re concerned, again, talk to your doctor.

Mom competition is huge these days and I believe is often lit by ourselves. We think we need to do it all to measure up to others. I’m going to be completely honest, you guys. I am very content not spending my days making custom items for my children. I would rather spend my time playing, snuggling and reading with my kiddos.

More importantly, when we’re so focused on beating out other moms we lose focus on what’s most important. Our children. We do all of these extravagant things for them and at the end of the day, all they really want is for their mom to sit and play a board game with them.

We spend our time signing them up for so many activities and driving them around all day, we never see them. We sign them up for private schools, so they have better than Ken’s mom, then we work all day to pay for it and never see them.

I don’t want to live a life like this. I’m happy with our 1.5 income family (I work part-time) because I get to spend time with my kids. I am happy to live life on my own terms and not something that has been set by others, because I think I need to compare with them.

Perhaps my kids won’t have the best opportunities or education, but if they’re happy and content with themselves I’ll be happy, too.


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