Simple Gift Ideas for National Nanny Recognition Week

Every year during the second to last week of September nannies are recognized for their hard work. It’s not a well-known holiday, unless you are a nanny or have one for yourself, but we still think it’s important! 

Nannies give our children insane amounts of love and patience. Some may work 40-60 hours a week, while others only work 10-20 hours, but their care is still appreciated. These times our nanny is in our home caring for our child, we are often out living our dreams, pursuing careers. 

I didn’t realize fully myself until a previous boss commented that I was “taking care of her children and loving them as my own.” that I had such a profound impact on the family. 

Here’s to all the wonderful nannies out there, this week! 

Honor your nanny by gifting one of these simple items below. 

1. Gift cards. Most everyone loves gift cards. My personal favorite is Starbucks, but you can really get anything!

2. Extra pay. This amount is entirely up to you and your family budget. However, I do believe any nanny will appreciate the extra pay. Even if it’s only $20.00.

3. A paid day off. This may or may not be simple. Even if you are unable to honor a day off this week, you could plan for a future paid day off for your nanny. 

4. A note of appreciation. While monetary  gifts will always be appreciated, sometimes a simple note letting your nanny know how much you truly appreciate them will make their day! You can involve your children in this and have them write notes as well. 

5. Leave them a batch of their favorite treat. I can tell you exactly what my nanny charge loves to snack on and your child can probably tell you what the nanny loves to snack on. A simple treat can go a long way. 

6. A simple text, email or conversation expressing your gratitude. Many of my favorite memories are those when I sat and chatted with my Mom Boss after a day of work. 

7. Get out your arts and craft gear! A handmade gift, blanket, scarf, sign or card could really make your nanny’s week! 

Even if you’re friend or significant other to a nanny, you could send them a gift of appreciation. 

I hope all nannies have a wonderful week!


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