October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Since our return from Hawaii I have had this song stuck in my head, “back to life, back to reality”

One of these realities occurred three years ago on September 26th. It is a day I will never forget; the day we lost our precious child. I was six weeks pregnant at the time, we had seen our baby and the heartbeat THREE times. However, she just did not make it. My bleeding never stopped, her heart did and a little part of me died that day as well. It is not something you “get over”. You just keep living, because there is not an alternative.

The anniversary of this day is always difficult for me, even in Hawaii. My husband noticed I was on edge and of course, he was feeling just the same. It was one of our only two fights on our vacation.

During the month of October it is important for me to bring awareness to those who have had a miscarriage or lost an infant. I have met and been messaged by many woman who have suffered in silence. Speaking about such things was not something that was done before our generation. I have met women who have suffered in silence for thirty years or more.

I am glad more woman are speaking about their loss and sharing their stories. While no two stories are never the same and we all suffer differently, I take some peace in knowing me sharing my grief has helped someone in a difficult time.

As you speak with friend’s this month, please keep in mind those who have lost someone. Use your words carefully and give grace. Someone may be suffering a loss and battle you do not know about.

Let us also not forget our husband’s and even grandparent’s can suffer from these losses, just as much as we do. Let October be a month to spread remembrance, awareness and love.



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