Count Down to Christmas with Kindness

One of my favorite Christmas traditions as a child was creating the traditional construction paper rings to count down the days to Christmas. It was always a joy to rip off a paper each day and get one day closer to the best day of the year! 

Last year, as my son and I were creating our paper chain, I decided to do something new. Write something kind for him to do every day. I did this, because I don’t want him to think Christmas is just about receiving presents. I want him to find the joy in giving as well. Join us this year by creating your own paper chain and counting down with kindness! I will be posting a photo of each day and urge you to join us with the hashtag #christmaskindnesscountdown 

To make paper chain you will need:

Six pieces of construction paper. Colors of your choice. 


Tape or stapler


1. Begin by cutting your paper in vertical strips. I cut all at the same time to make faster. 

Make sure you have 30 strips of paper. If you’re joining in later, correspond to the days left until Christmas. 

2. Write an act of kindness for each day. We’ve written something on each day for all our family members, so we can all participate. 

3. Make your paper chain by making a circle and taping or stapling, then making another circle attached to the first. Continue the process until you have a chain. 

4. Complete each task! As you remove your circles and count down the days complete each task. 

Follow along and join us at: http://www.instagram.com/thisawkwardmom to see what we do each day. 

Have a very Merry Christmas countdown!!


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