The World Wants to Measure us in Numbers, Don’t Let It

This morning I was awoken by my son declaring he had an “itchy butt” and we started our morning routine. I changed him, got his milk then we settled into the couch for snuggles and Bubble Guppies. 

While he is watching his shows I typically scroll through social media. A common practice for bloggers is to check their number of followers. The social media account I focus on mostly is Instagram. If you use Instagram just for family and friends you probably don’t focus on these numbers at all. As bloggers these numbers drive traffic to our site, but they are always changing! It’s common practice for bloggers and businesses to pay for followers and to follow an account and then unfollow the account to keep their numbers even. I’ve found myself getting very irritated with this and checking numbers daily. 

As I thought about my number of followers I realized there are so many numbers we use each and every day to measure our value in life. The numbers in our bank account, the numbers on the scale, the number of friends we have, the number of cars and houses we can afford, the numbers we score on tests. 

There are a lot of numbers we use every day that we believe measures our successes in life. But do these numbers truly matter? No. 

Your weight does not determine if you’re a good person. You can have 6 zeros in that bank account and still live a miserable life. 

Life should instead be measured in moments. Do you remember the number of times you’ve kissed your child or made them laugh? The number of times you’ve given someone a smile and perhaps brought a smile to their day. You can have no zeros in your bank account and give your entire life. Life is not about money and what we can buy for others. It’s about how we make others feel in each and every moment. 

If you’re feeling down because your numbers don’t measure up, stop counting! Stop living by numbers. Don’t say something like “when I weigh this number or have this number in my bank I will do this.” Just go for it! Live in the moment. Make the moment beautiful and remember in the end that is what is important. 

You are important no matter your numbers and never, ever let anyone make you feel differently. 

As for myself, I’ll stop checking the number of followers I have every day. 

My favorite moment, snuggling my sleeping baby!


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