Mama Moments and Big News

Howdy, friends!

As you may know a few days ago I told you about our families very exciting news. We’re buying a house! 

This is huge for us. We’ve been wanting to buy a home for several years, but it has been a challenge. For many reasons. First and foremost was our credit scores. My husband and I were both very irresponsible in our younger years. We moved several times and had multiple credit cards that were beyond due. A few years ago we really started working on our credit repair and it was going really well! Then, my husband was laid off. Fortunately, he had another job lined up, but we had to wait six weeks until his start date. We both did what we could during this time to make ends meet, but then again got behind and had to start over. Not to mention I was eight months pregnant at the time. 

This moment taught us many lessons. Always, always have that emergency fund, because you just never know what will happen and credit repairs take longer then credit damage. We’re finally to the point of buying, two years later. It has taken a lot of dedication and time to make this happen. 

I couldn’t be more excited, but I’m also feeling a lot of hesitation. I know it’s a process and so many things could do wrong at any point. That being said, I will still continue to share this journey with all of you. 

Our home builder is KB Home. If you’ve seen their homes, they are absolutely gorgeous. The floor plans are very open. They build all over the country, so if you’re in the market check them out! Also, KB Home is not paying me to say this. I just love them. 

This week I’m headed to their design center to finalize our interior build. I’m very nervous and really appreciate all of the input I have received so far. You guys have been so helpful!! I will definitely let you know our final decisions. 

Okay, I have more exciting news for you! Today, I am getting pampered with a cut, color, manicure and pedicure. 

On my way to get my hair done I stopped for some coffee. While I was in there I met another mom and we instantly started chatting about life, kids and potty training. 

This moment reminded me why I started this blog. I started as a way to connect to others moms. Often times we are stuck at home with our kiddos and some of our best connections are the ones we make online. I have met some amazing mamas online and love chatting with them almost every day. 

In continuance of this and as a way to broaden our mom community I will soon be accepting submissions for guest posts, with pay. 

I was doing this previously, but without pay. As a writer I feel it is only fair to provide compensation for your writing. I love hearing from other moms and want this to be a community, as opposed to me talking about myself all the time. 

There are still some changes that need to be made before this final move. I’ll keep you all posted. I’m very excited to start receiving submissions!!


2 thoughts on “Mama Moments and Big News”

  1. Congratulations on buying a house! Our first house here in San Antonio was built by KB. We loved it, huge 2 story. It took about 4 months to build and Tim was out there all the time checking the work! It was exciting picking out all aspects needed for the house. Good luck! 🙂


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