The American Dream? Bigger Houses, Smaller Yards

As you are all aware, we have recently decided to purchase a new home. The process of finding our new home and where to build was lengthy and time consuming.

We live in a highly populated area, millions of people live in what we call our hometown. Cities run together with small signs and you often cross into another one without any knowledge of the change. Our town is set to reach max capacity in the next few years. Meaning, there will be a building on every piece of land where they can build.

Many of these new buildings are homes. When new homes are being built, it is usually a good sign, our economy is allowing for these new builds. In 2008-2009, almost all building had ceased.

However, we noticed very quickly a new trend with all of these new homes. The homes themselves are larger and the yards are almost non-existent. Now, do not misunderstand what I am saying, there are many families in homes without yards and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just find it very curious that the current home building trend is to eliminate the yard almost entirely.

Our family is your basic, average, American family. Middle class, with the income to match. We are also your average home buyer, those who have just begun or are beginning their families and now purchasing their first home. According to salary.com “If you and your partner make $50,000, you might be able to buy a home in the $100,000 to $125,000 range.” With that number in mind, your options are most definitely limited when it comes to buying a home.

Now, we decided to buy new for many reasons. We are looking at our home as an investment, new homes are more green and we will be able to choose the features and customize to our liking. None of the new homes in our area fit this criteria and had a yard within our budget. Due to this we had to go much further outside the city. I am more than okay with this, I grew up on a cattle farm with acres to play on. However, why are the houses getting bigger and the yards smaller?

As parents are we more fearful to let our children run and play without supervision? Do we really need so much more space inside, that our outside space is limited? Personally, I am not a fan of large homes. Quite simply, I do not see the point. If we all have a room with bed, what more do we need? I love having a small home for my family to grow in and would prefer a small home with a large yard. As these trends change, I do believe we will have to continue to push for outside time with our children. I love letting my children run and play in our back yard. I cannot wait for our home to be built, with an even bigger yard and more play areas for our kids.

What do you think? Have you noticed the trend of bigger houses and small yards in your neighborhood? I would love to hear all about it!


Source: http://www.salary.com/first-time-home-buyer-tips—income-and-mortgage-size/


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