Favorite Motherhood Moments

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Unfortunately, I don’t have a great list of gifts for you, but if you’re looking for some check out the blog posts from Taylor Made Mama and The Titan Adventures. 

For me, Valentine’s Day has brought about my feelings of love and lately I’ve been reminiscing about life with my children. Each day they grow, I feel a little pang in my heart. I long for those moments when they were infants and nursing on my chest. Unfortunately, those days are long gone, so instead I’m going to write about all my favorite motherhood moments, in the hopes I’ll never forget.

First and foremost; the birth of my children. Which, had to occur for any of these moments to be possible. When I was pregnant with my firstborn I knew I loved him, I just didn’t realize how much, until they laid him on my chest. I’ve never felt anything so instantaneously. Suddenly, he was my world. I loved him more than anything and would be there for him always. I had the same feelings when my second arrived and my love for my husband expounded as well, in a way I never imagined possible.

Feeding my babes. Nursing with my first did not come easily. He did not latch and my production was terrible. You can read more about that here. When we discovered he would take a bottle and get all the nutrients he needed, I was ecstatic! He was happy healthy and thriving. With my second he nursed like a champ and I’m so glad I was able to have the breastfeeding experience I’d been told about. Comforting him with my milk and sustenance made me feel like a superstar! My little guy was so chunky, I was beyond thrilled! Watching each of them try their first solids, their reaction to pees (they hated them) and their love for fruit, was so fulfillinf. Making their favorite meals makes me so happy.  As they’re getting older trying new restaurants and discovering my oldest love for crab and shrimp is such a fun adventure!


Moving and grooving! I’ll never forget those first moments of crawling, standing up, walking and running. Now that they’re fully on the go I dream of the times they couldn’t move as quickly. Watching my oldest learn to ride his bike without training wheels and the youngest ride his scooter is such a thrill. Someday soon, they’ll be driving their own cars!


Greeting me every morning and every time I walk in the door. As much as I enjoy sleeping in, I also love hearing my little guys in the morning. The oldest usually sneaks in and gives me a kiss and then snuggles or goes back to his bed.  while the youngest either whispers for mommy until I come, or screams for me. You never know which is coming. Either way, scooping him into my arms, while he’s still warm from his bed and snuggling while watching bubble guppies is my favorite morning routine. Their greetings when I arrive home from a work meeting or running errands is probably one of my most treasured moments. I’m usually met with a delightful squeal of “MMMOOOMMMMYYYYY” and them running around the corner, racing to see who can get there first and be scooped into my arms. Is there anything better than feeling so wanted?!

Playing games, coloring and going to the park. I love playing board games with my oldest and coloring with both of them. I’m not a craft mom and I don’t do well playing toys, but games and coloring are my jam. Just the other day my son and I wrote books together and I can’t wait to write more!! I also love playing at the park with my kids. I know some moms hate me for that, but I couldn’t care less. When I’m at the park with my kids I want to play! I’m just a big kid at heart. We also have some epic dance parties and watching movies with them is a favorite past time of mine.

Their first words. Hearing my children say their first words was an absolute joy! Honestly, I don’t remember their exact first words. They’ve both been talking since age one and I can’t keep up, but I do remember when they said mommy and I’ll never tire of hearing it. Okay, sometimes I do, after 20 repeats, but otherwise, I love it. I’ll also never forget how our oldest said “poonce” for spoon, and how our youngest called his older brother “ra-ra” for the longest time, until he could say his name.


Watching them play with their father. My children are two of the biggest mama’s boys in the world, but they love hanging with their dad, too! He is the best at making them giggle and keeps them on their toes. He coached soccer for my oldest and they love going to sporting events together. I believe their bond will only continue to grow as they get older and I look forward to this!

Motherhood isn’t always easy, but it has also given me some of the best moments of my life and I’ll never take those for granted.

What are your favorite motherhood/parenting moments?


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