What are Those Red X’s Spreading Across the Internet?

If you’re one of the millions who goes onto social media each day, you may have noticed something new today.

A bunch of red X’s. 

These X’s are a symbol of support to help stop human trafficking and shine a light on modern day slavery. 

Human trafficking isn’t something of the past. According to International Justice Mission they are “protecting 21 million and have saved 23,000 survivors since 2006.”

Human trafficking is a deeply personal topic to me. I know women who have been used in sex trafficking. It isn’t always what it seems. Not every woman is locked up in a room. At times, it may even seem they live a normal life, but they are being used daily. 

What starts as a typical relationship turns to abuse and eventually their “boyfriend” begins to sell them to others. It’s a sickening thought and even more sickening reality. 

Join me and the millions who need help today by supporting with a red X on your hand and use #enditmovement. 

There is more than sexual trafficking that occurs every day and you can learn more and help at enditmovement.com. 


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