Ten Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood

A couple of weeks ago, I was challenged by Elizabeth from Worth Writing For to post the ten ways I am rocking motherhood. It has taken me quite awhile to get this list written, in all honesty, I am terrible at complimenting myself. Especially in real ways. I could make jokes and probably will have at least one, but I am going to try to and do my best to write ten ways I am actually rocking motherhood. Here goes.

  1. I love my children more than anyone else ever could. Minus my husband, no one will ever care for and love my children as I do. I make sure they know this each and every day. I have been snuggling them in bed each night, just to make sure they know how loved they are. A great author, Kristen Mae, also suggested saying something other than “I love you” to your kids and I have started this as well. I tell them they are my favorites, praise them for hard work and thank them when they listen right away.
  2. I cleaned and organized all of their toys last week! I am fairly certain I have mild OCD, I try to keep our house fairly clean, but I went the extra mile and cleaned out the toy boxes. My goodness! That was a project, but I did it.
  3. I ROCKED Spring Break this year. If you are following me on facebook, you may have seen that I actually forgot about Spring Break. I thought it was a week later, but once I realized when it was my son and I planned a special activity for each day. We went miniature golfing, caught his first fish while fishing, strolled Ikea, played at the park and with friends. I even taught him to play tennis. I was actually sad when it ended, we had so much fun. Best. Spring. Break. Ever.
  4. I was patient during my toddler’s last tantrum. The other day was long and our toddler skipped his nap. He was very cranky, to say the least. We had to run an errand and he did not want to get out of the car. Instead of losing it (like normal) I got down to his level, spoke to him calmly and he got out of the car without an ultimate tantrum. Score!
  5. I have been reading more. This is important because I have been giving myself more me time. When I am able to do more for myself, I am a much better mother. As in the example mentioned above. It is not a huge thing, but it has really made a difference.
  6. I have been cooking more. I love to bake, but cooking dinner every night is such a chore and often times, I just decided to order out instead. We are trying to save money and this means less take out. Due to this, I have been cooking more and it has been nice knowing my boys are getting healthier food. I am not always perfect, but at least I know what they are consuming because I made it!
  7. I have been scheduling more play dates and planning more outings. This is an especially big deal for me. As an introverted mother, I find it much easier to sit at home and not take my kids anywhere, but they need to get out. They need to see their friends outside of school. They have started to play sports and they need to know they can count on me to get them there. So, I have planned more time with their friends, we have been going to the library, park, anywhere that seems like it would be fun for two boys.
  8. I drove around for three hours looking for my son’s freaking baseball socks. We did not find the correct ones, but dang. I think I should be commended for this.
  9. I have been giving each child more one-on-one time. Since I am home all day with our toddler, I have been making sure I provide one-on-one time with my oldest as well. We went to Beauty and the Best last weekend. It was phenomenal! We got a giant popcorn and his favorite candy, it was a blast!
  10. I am here. Sometimes, all that matters is that we are here for our children. My boys know they can count on me to be here when they need me. That is often what is most important in their worlds. When they need snuggles and someone to talk to, I will always be here for them.

Being a mother one of my favorite journeys in my world thus far. I cannot imagine doing anything else with my days. I hope these boys know they are my world.

As part of this Rocking Motherhood Challenge, I am supposed to tag other moms to write the ten ways they are rocking motherhood, but I would like to do it differently. I would challenge every mom who reads this to grab a pen and paper and write how you are rocking motherhood. Maybe you have ten ways, maybe more or less. Either way, write them down and when you are having a bad day look at your list. I know it will help us all!


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