That Crazy Sports Mom

Of all the things I thought I would be as a mother; crafty, organized, baker. Ha. I never thought I would become the crazy sports mom. But, you guys, it happened. 

It started like most sports do. We enrolled our son in soccer, just for fun. There were no actual games. He was just playing to learn skills. Then, we played soccer competitively. His dad was the coach and they had so much fun! Their team was also undefeated. They had one kid, Richie, who was just amazing! He carried our team through the season. 


Next, we decided to try basketball. This is where my true colors emerged. We won our first game on a lot of luck. After that, it was just a weekly slaughtering. One of the teams got their own Richie and the other played at a level our team could never compete with. There were only three teams. A very small league. Our kids were mostly brand new and the coach was well, just a volunteer parent. He was trying, but confusing the hell out of our kids. The teams were kindergarten to 2nd grade and that last team was full of second graders, while ours was much younger. 

Here’s where I became the crazy sports mom. These older kids had skills, it wasn’t their fault, but when they were beating us mercilessly and then their coach made them pass the ball ten times before making each shot, I wanted to punch someone in the face. No one was having fun at this point. Not the kids we were playing, they were bored and our kids were defeated. Eventually, fouls started happening, because of the boredom. Here’s where I got really pissy. It was bad enough that we were getting our asses handed to us and now we were taking a beating. I became THAT mom. That mom yelling on the sidelines. I tried to contain my yelling to guidance for my child, but the ref may have been yelled at once or twice. My  husband was definitely embarrassed and was likely thrilled when I had to miss some games. In the end our team was the ultimate loser. They had a bracket, but our son didn’t care. He had fun and that’s all that matters. 

Now, we’re on to baseball. I haven’t been too crazy. It seems a bit more organized. There’s more than three teams. We’ve won some and lost some. I can’t make guarantees though, the crazy may come out again. It was pretty close last night when the scorekeeper (a parent from the other team) seemed to forget how to count and gifted her team multiple points. If you ever see me on the outskirts of a game don’t be too surprised. I was probably kicked out. Beware. You may also fall victim to becoming the latest crazy sports parent at some time in your life, too. It sneaks up on you. 


2 thoughts on “That Crazy Sports Mom”

  1. Love it!! I have always been a sports fanatic: football and basketball to be precise. So when my 2 older girls got into pep squad and then the dance teams in high school, well that meant my husband and I needed to attend all the football games to see them – oh darn 😬 My only son started the same high school this year and is on the football team. It takes getting to the 2nd quarter and I’m that mom yelling when the whole stand is quiet. What I was most known for this season was getting a tad animated, after some rude visiting team parents kept mouthing off, and screaming at a quiet moment of a close game with minutes left “Shove it down their throats!” Uh…😳My husband, my 2 daughters and my future son-in-law just looked at me for a bit.

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