Create the Perfect Father’s Day Gift with All Those Extra Chopsticks Laying Around

The Guide to Manliness

Anyone else eat a lot of Chinese food and never use the chopsticks? Yeah, us too. I just can’t make the friggin’ things work, but because I am a hoarder, they end up in our drawers.

Luckily, I found a way to use them. Just in time for Father’s Day. Yay!

This year, we celebrated Father’s Day a bit early, because we will not be there to celebrate with my husband. Insert tears here. I took my son shopping to buy the Father’s Day presents and he wanted to buy his Dad the candy bouquets they make at the grocery store. When I looked at the price tag of $20.00 I said “nope, we will make our own.” You can do the same! Here’s how:

What you will need:

  1. A mug, mason jar or beer stein. To save even more we used a beer stein we already had. We did purchase the ASU mug because it was on sale.

PICT1555 (2) PICT1559 (2)

2. Unused chopsticks. The exact number will depend on how much candy you want in your mug.


3. Recipient’s favorite candy. Make sure you purchase a few smaller pieces to place in the bottom of your jar or mug.


4. Tape and an amazing helper!

How to make:

Step 1. Open and separate the chopsticks.


Step 2. Pour the small candies into the base of the mug and stein to hold the other candy in place.


Step 3.

Place the separated chopsticks on the back of the candies and tape into place.


Step 5. Place the chopsticks with candy on them into the jars. You can add some decorative items on the outside if you would like. I opted to leave them plain.

And, voila! Give to that special man on Father’s Day!



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