On, Moving. 

I kind of hate and also kind of love moving.

Moving from one home to another did not happen for me until I was 18 years old. I moved the day after I graduated college. About a month after moving I realized I had made a bad choice and my parents lovingly moved me back home. A few weeks later, I ended up moving again, to an entirely different state.

This time I stayed, but life was not simple for me. A lot of kids head to college and have their housing paid for or figured out before arriving. I had none of this.

To make living in a new state and going to college work first, I found a non-paid live in nanny position. This was possible thanks to good ol’ craigslist. At this time I was still working another job at a hotel to make the money gap meet. Even though I had a roof I still had to pay for food, books, gas. All other necessities.

Again, after another month I realized this was not going to work. I just didn’t have time for all of it. Soon, I was back to browsing craigslist and found a room for $200/month. I was sold! I was living with five other girls, but our house was fairly large. I stayed here a few months and once again thought it might be best to move. Did I mention my bed was an air mattress?!

At that time I thought it was best to move because a friend offered a free place. A few weeks in, come to find out, he was getting evicted and has ditched me to deal with the owners. Not cool. Luckily, another friend took me in. We literally shared a bed.

She and I hit it off really well and decided to get a place of our own. Now, I did not know much about this state I’d been living in. Come to find out, there are some neighborhoods better than others. Me being an ignorant 19-year-old who had only lived with her parents, I had no idea.

We ended up moving into one of these neighborhoods and it was CRAWLING with cockroaches. I had to get out. So, I moved again. Anyone keeping track? No idea how many moves we’re at here. I found another place, with another friend, moved a few months later and I believe three more times after that before my boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to move to San Diego!

We lived in San Diego for about three years, moving a total of four times.

After we had our first child I wanted to be back with our family and we returned to the Phoenix area.

We’ve been back here now for about 8 years and have moved only three times! A huge success to me. Now, I could tell you all about packing and moving and how to get it done quickly, because I’ve done it about 15 times in the last ten years now, but that’s not what I want to discuss.

I want to discuss what it means to me to be close to purchasing our own home.

Honestly, I was never sure this would happen. Actually, I’m still not sure because we haven’t officially closed, but it’s being built and it’s supposed to be ours. I also know how it feels to be near homelessness and relying on others for a roof over your head. To those who helped me numerous times, thank you so much! I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Being on the move so much has also taught me many invaluable lessons. To me, home is not a place. It’s the people in our lives. My people are my husband and children. When I am with them, I am home. We could be anywhere, as long as I have them I am truly happy.

To anyone struggling to find a home, buy their own home or make their rental into their own place, do not worry. If we can make it work I can guarantee almost anyone can.

I wanted to purchase a home seven years ago. It’s taken us seven years to get to where we are today. There have been struggles and sacrifices, of course, but in the end it’s all worth it!

Never give up, keep your home dreams alive. Maybe you don’t want to own a home. Maybe you want to travel the world or move each year. Whatever makes you feel at home is all that really matters.

I will admit, I was sad to say goodbye to our latest home. It holds so many wonderful memories. Our youngest was born while we lived there. My husband taught our oldest to ride his bike there and we’ve had a nearly a million family dinners at those tables. There’s been loss in that home as well, but I remember mostly positive moments.

As we move again, I am anxious that our home will provide a new space for us to thrive and grow.

Here’s hoping all goes according to plan! Probably won’t, because that’s life, but I can dream, right?!
P.S. I finally counted. A total of 18 moves thus far. Whoa.

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10 thoughts on “On, Moving. ”

  1. This is so inspiring!! Can’t wait to purchase our first home I live in Chicago and everything is so over priced. I’ve moved a few times throughout my college career because the cost of living was just crazy. I didn’t stay in a dorm because the college I went to had a loft style apartment that was like 1k a month yikes. So I understand all the moving and this post just gave me so much hope. Lot’s of positive vibes on your new journey

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  2. I hate moving but by the looks of your pictures and the smiles on the kids, it looks like you are making the best of it. Good luck in your new home!

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