I Took my Toddler to Wonder Woman: A Review {Spoilers Ahead}

On Tuesday evening I took my son’s and mother to see Wonder Woman. I had high expectations for this movie and it did not disappoint.

We went to the 7:30pm showing, this was only my toddlers second time in a theater, so I was a bit nervous, but he did great! And, my older son was so enthralled he didn’t move the entire time.

The island of Themyscira was gorgeous. I’ve spent some time reading comics and I’d seen the introduction of Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman, but I didn’t know much about her origin story.

The movie kept me hooked the entire time wondering what her next move would be and what in the world was her mother keeping from Diana?!

As I watched each scene unfold from the beginning-watching these strong, skilled warrior women- to the women seen in London, expected to hush and cover up I was proud and saddened. Women have had to fight for centuries for the strength to prove themselves. Even to have this movie made with a woman director was a fight and this movie seemed to honor each and every woman.

My mom said she loved this movie because of the steadfastness of Wonder Woman. She admired her trust in her mother and the truth. She never waivered, even when man tried to tell her she was wrong.

Now, I am so glad I took my children to this movie as well! I believe it is important for my boys to see women as strong role models; not only men. That being said the ending was a little scary for my toddler, but once Wonder Woman defeated Ares, all was well. He was no longer afraid. There was also a lot of adult humor in this movie that kept my mom and I laughing the entire time. When anyone laughs my toddler joins in, so it only added to the humor.

My older son loved every bit of Wonder Woman he said his favorite part “was when Wonder Woman made holes in the wall and climbed to the top.” My moms favorite part was “the bullets bouncing off of her and the shield jump.” And, my favorite scene was when Diana was told she couldn’t enter “no man’s land” and did anyway and saved the entire town.

The only moments that I didn’t absolutely love in this movie were some of the action scenes. It seemed that were sped up, but I couldn’t tell if it was purposeful or the editing was off. Either way, those are minor details and doesn’t change my love for this movie.

Most importantly, in this movie is the message of love. Chris Pine plays his part adoringly and I can see why she would fall for him. He’s honest in every way and since he’s “above average” I’m sure they had a wonderful night.

The supporting cast does amazing as well. Each of them shines a light on the troubles of war. Each in their own way. The Native American reminding us no one is without sin toward others. The sniper reminds us the internal damages of war and the actor, that life does not always go as planned.

Reminding us to love despite the evil in this world seems to the the true message of Wonder Woman and I hope it is a message we will all continue to carry in our hearts.


18 thoughts on “I Took my Toddler to Wonder Woman: A Review {Spoilers Ahead}”

    1. Yes! A little more adult humor and darkness than I expected but nothing too deterring. Of course, each child is different. We watch all the super hero movies with our kids so they’re pretty used to it.


  1. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am itching to go! I love that you took your toddler! I am so glad that there are mamas out there raising strong and equal-minded boys into men. Rock on, mama!

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  2. I have not seen the movie yet but love that you found the message of it to be love. And I also love how you mention how the characters shine a light on the troubles of war, each in their own way. I wasn’t planning on seeing the film but you may have just changed my mind. Thanks for sharing your review.

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  3. Thanks for your review! My husband and I left our 2 year old with a sitter to go see it, mainly because she doesn’t sit still and neither of us wanted to have to leave the theater haha! I loved the movie! I am sure she will too once its out on DVD 🙂

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  4. I totally agree with you. My kids grew up with the knowledge that heroes is not gender biased. Taking your sons to watch Wonder Woman is a great way for them to learn that women can be strong too.

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