Dear Mama, You’ve Got This

My Dearest Mama,

I see you over there. You’re walking around as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Mentally, it may very well be. Your family is your world and you navigate the ins and outs each and every day. I’m here to remind you, you’ve got this.

With every meal you make, and every tantrum you handle you prove your worth each day. Your children may never remember all your sacrifices for them, but you will.

You’ll remember the pain of childbirth, the scars still left behind. The moment they were put into your arms and your heart burst with love. Reminding you it was worth all the struggles of pregnancy and you would do it all again. Maybe you have multiple times. And, with each birth, your love multiplies.

But, so does the mess, so does the chaos. So do the daily demands of motherhood. It can be so wearing. The never ending early mornings, the sleepless nights of worry. Trying to maintain your own goals, while pushing your children to strive theirs as well. It’s a truly never ending job, but one with the most rewards.

No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, I just want you to know you’ve got this. Amidst all the hardships, you keep showing up. That’s what really matters. Maybe you don’t spend every dime on organic food and didn’t play the game your child requested, but you’ve still got this and you’ll still keep going because you’re one amazing woman and mother. Never forget that.



10 thoughts on “Dear Mama, You’ve Got This”

  1. This is really nice. It does seem to get overwhelming at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have my two little people that love me and one on the way 🙂

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