BUCA (Back-Up Care Advantage)

BUCA is a service that may be offered through your work. Also known as back up care advantage it is a service that offers child care in the case that your regular daycare isn’t open or your nanny is sick.

What they do is call a provider to find a nanny who will come to your home and care for your child. It may be known by another name, so if you are looking for this benefit ask your human resources representative.

Pros: You are able to go to work when your nanny is sick or if daycare is closed. The nannies are from reputable agencies and have completed thorough background checks and interviews.

Cons: You are unable to meet the nanny before they come to your home. There is not always a nanny available. When you call, the try to find a provider, but most of these cases are last minute and it’s just not always possible.