Nanny Share

Nanny Share: A nanny share is when and a neighbor or friend hire one nanny to watch both of your children.

Pros: Decreased cost and allows more time for one on one interaction with children. Has all the benefits of having your own nanny, just with a few more friends!

Cons: Different schedules may cause conflict as well as location, whose home to use and any quarrels with friend or family member in nanny share could disrupt care.

How to find a Nanny Share: You may or may not be able to use an agency for a nanny share. You will have to check their policy.


You will definitely be able to use or Make sure you are clear with your ad that the nanny will be working for more than one family. Include all details for both families.

A nanny share is a great way to save money, but have all the perks of hiring a nanny!

Below is a sample Nanny Share contract and questions to ask when hiring a potential nanny.. I highly recommend the nanny contract to protect all parties included.

Sample Nanny-Family Share Contract

Questions to Ask Nanny During an Interview