Nanny or Manny: A nanny or manny (male nanny) is someone who comes into your home to care for your children. Do not discredit men who would like to work in this position. I have met some wonderful mannies!

Pros: Child care is in your home. You get to choose who you would like to be your nanny and can check in or get calls and texts. Most nannies possess early child hood education and include teaching in daily care. May also know other languages or be able to teach an instrument or skill. One on one attention with children. Nannies can also drive children to school or other activities and appointments. They may also be willing to clean and cook, but most will expect extra pay for these. Can care for children who are sick.

Cons: More costly than daycare, if using a nanny agency, you may be limited to those candidates they have available.


How to find a nanny: You can find a nanny in many places including sites like or The bad part about these sites, is that while inexpensive, you have to do all the work of finding the nanny yourself. This can be difficult for new parents who have never hired outside help.

When posting your own nanny ad, make sure to include specific details about you and your family in your ad.  I cannot tell you the number of families I have not responded to, because they did not have enough details about the position.

Another way to find a nanny is through an agency. This can often take time, so give yourself at least a month if you go this route. This is definitely a more expensive method, but saves you the trouble and a good agency will replace a nanny that doesn’t work out.

You can also use craigslist or ask friends for help in finding a nanny. Both still require you to interview, complete background check and references. It is important to call a nannies references! While it may take a few calls, you may find the real reason someone didn’t call back is because the nanny was not so great.

Hiring a nanny has many perks!

Below is a sample Nanny-Family contract. If you are hiring your own nanny, if you are hiring your own nanny, I highly recommend this. It protects you and the nanny.

Sample Nanny-Family Share Contract


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