Payment Options

Payment Options:

Paying for child care is often very difficult as well. Even though you may be working full time, it’s still a huge expense. Some people say they pay more for child care than their mortgage! To me, that is crazy, but if I worked full-time I would probably be in the same situation. Here are some helpful tips for paying:

Check your work reimbursement, most places give at least some back for child care costs.

Taxes, make sure you pay legally and submit payments at the end of the year.

Family members, nanny shares, friends are going to be less expensive.

Works nights or stay home until children are in school. This is not always an option, but I work nights so we do not have to pay for child care. It works very well for us!

Finding care for your child can be difficult, trust me, I understand! I hope these solutions are somewhat helpful to you and your family or give you an idea of how to find care for your children. Here are some items that may be helpful when hiring a nanny or child caregiver.