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LYPBB Challenge Day 11: Try Meditation

Zumba requires coordination, guys. I made a total ass of myself yesterday, but I will say it was pretty fun. How did your new exercises go? I am totally certain you were not the person in class sticking your leg in the air when it was supposed to be on the ground. So, I will venture to guess that you had more luck than me! However, I will keep trying, because as Daniel Tiger says, “Keep trying, you’ll get better.”

Anyway, for today’s challenge, I am going to ask all of you to try meditation, if you aren’t already doing it. If you are doing it, I challenge you to try something new; guided, shorter, longer, or unguided.

I discovered meditation last July when I began yoga. I did not take my practice seriously at the time and felt I was really bad at meditation because I could never focus on nothing. It is seriously tough. Then I had a car accident in November, and afterward, I had very bad anxiety. I decided to try meditation again and this time used a guided meditation made for anxiety. It has been so helpful for me. There are many health benefits associated with meditation, as well. You can find the full list from WebMD here.

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Just a few of the benefits include lowering blood pressure and improving your immune system and concentration. There are many more benefits and one of the biggest ones for our Love Your Post-Baby Body challenge is that meditation is often about acceptance and peace. When we come to accept ourselves, we can love ourselves. Instead of focusing on all the things we hate, we can see what we love and focus on even more important things in our lives. Meditation has allowed me to let go of my frustrations and see my dreams more clearly and go after them.

If you need help with your meditation there are many channels on youtube dedicated to guided meditations; I would begin there. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Live long and prosper, friends!

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