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20 Online Shops to Visit on Small Business Saturday

Does it ever hit Small Business Saturday and you are really unsure of where to shop? It is likely that you have just spent a small fortune on Black Friday and maybe you are excited for Cyber Monday but these are our fellow friends and small shops that need our support for survival! Literally. If you have been or are a business owner you understand the need for others to be a part of your business every day to stay open. To help you out, I have gathered a list of 20 shops you can visit and know that you are helping a small business owner and you may even create lasting friendships! That is the best part about shopping small.

Click the link below to visit the store. Happy shopping!

  1. Non-Toxic Household Items
  2. Personalized Coffee Mugs
  3. Gorgeous Outfits
  4. Yoni Eggs
  5. #ConfidentGirl: Discover Your Most Confident Self
  6. New Website and Business Coaching
  7. Confidence Coaching
  8. Custom Artwork
  9. Crystals, Gemstones and Jewels
  10. Magick Jewelry
  11. Handmade Crochet Blankets
  12. Angelic Healing Meditations
  13. 1:1 Coaching and other Services
  14. Tees for Entrepreneurs
  15. Baby Sleep Manual
  16. Painting Classes
  17. Handmade Signs
  18. Boutique Clothing
  19. Essential Oils and Wellbeing
  20. One Heart Coffee
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Count Down to Christmas with Kindness

One of my favorite Christmas traditions as a child was creating the traditional construction paper rings to count down the days to Christmas. It was always a joy to rip off a paper each day and get one day closer to the best day of the year! 

Last year, as my son and I were creating our paper chain, I decided to do something new. Write something kind for him to do every day. I did this, because I don’t want him to think Christmas is just about receiving presents. I want him to find the joy in giving as well. Join us this year by creating your own paper chain and counting down with kindness! I will be posting a photo of each day and urge you to join us with the hashtag #christmaskindnesscountdown 

To make paper chain you will need:

Six pieces of construction paper. Colors of your choice. 


Tape or stapler


1. Begin by cutting your paper in vertical strips. I cut all at the same time to make faster. 

Make sure you have 30 strips of paper. If you’re joining in later, correspond to the days left until Christmas. 

2. Write an act of kindness for each day. We’ve written something on each day for all our family members, so we can all participate. 

3. Make your paper chain by making a circle and taping or stapling, then making another circle attached to the first. Continue the process until you have a chain. 

4. Complete each task! As you remove your circles and count down the days complete each task. 

Follow along and join us at: to see what we do each day. 

Have a very Merry Christmas countdown!!

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Christmas Shopping in October

I know, I know. It is way too early for a Christmas post, but I am just too excited and had to share this with you guys.

Last week, we had to go to Costco to get our tires rotated. If I am being completely honest I left the store upset, without my tires rotated the first time. Due to a few things; customer service was absolutely horrendous and I had a cranky toddler. In retrospect, my timing was not good. My son was ready for his nap and I should not have tried to go out when I did.

However, we returned a few nights later for my mother-in-law to purchase our son’s Halloween costumes. She buys their costumes every year and we decided to all meet there after various activities and have dinner after buying the costumes. As we were walking through the aisles, I noticed they had some amazing toys the boys would love for Christmas.

As you may or may not know, Costco is constantly changing what they have in their stores. I mentioned to my husband that we could probably complete our Christmas shopping in one stop, but we had to do it soon. I was trying to figure out how to make our finances work for this when I remembered, I had been saving for months!

In July, I opened a savings account with a company called They set aside savings based upon your account specifically. The reason I had forgotten about this account was because it had been working so well, I never missed the money that was being saved. I looked at the account and realized it had more than enough to buy the gifts we wanted to purchase! I was ecstatic!

This morning, I put my toddler in the car (nowhere near nap time) and finished the bulk of our Christmas shopping. The loot is pictured below!

You can sign up for your own digit account here. All of the money is FDIC insured and if you start saving now you might be set for Christmas, too! If not, there are always reasons to save money; vacations, birthdays, retirement.The list goes on and on.

Happy shopping, friends!!

Shhhh, don’t tell my kids!

Hey mom, this piece of pizza is huge!

Can I play with this now?