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LYPBB Challenge Day 6: Clean Out Your Closet

I have a hilarious story to share with you guys. After I had my first child, I thought getting back into your pre-baby clothes was something you did immediately after you returned from the hospital. I excitedly went home, walked into my closet and tried to put on a pair of pants and shirt that I wore before I was even pregnant. I’m sure you can imagine the results. It was like trying to stuff a full-sized walrus into an infant’s onesie. Not a great idea.

I soon realized it was going to be quite some time before I was putting those clothes on again. The gravity of that really tugged at my heart strings. I was only 23 and had spent most of my life wishing I could be a supermodel and existing the last few years based on my looks. Not something I would recommend.

However, soon after this encounter, I did something that really empowered me. I got rid of my old clothes that no longer fit. I did keep some of the expensive jeans in the hope that I would be able to wear them again (because I hate wasting money), but everything else was given away. I did an ad for free clothing on Craigslist and let them go.

Once I did this, I was able to let go of the idea of my past self. I had changed so much after having my child; it wasn’t worth holding onto old memories and images of someone I no longer was.

My challenge for you today is to do the same. Go through your closet and get rid of clothes that don’t fit or clothes that you just aren’t going to wear anymore. Even if you just set them aside in the garage or attic, this will help.

Becoming a mother does change us, for the better! I’m not saying you can’t wear revealing clothes. I do that a lot, actually — probably much to my neighbors’ dismay — but they’re also clothes that fit. I’m not trying to squeeze my size ten ass into a six, though. Wear clothes that fit your personality, even if it’s a bit different than before you had your baby. Let go of clothes that don’t fit or just aren’t you anymore.

As you do this, you will begin to realize and accept yourself even more as a mother and person. Which will ultimately lead you to loving your post-baby bod.

Feel confident knowing you have a closet full of items that fit and you love!

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Clean out Your Closet