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20 Online Shops to Visit on Small Business Saturday

Does it ever hit Small Business Saturday and you are really unsure of where to shop? It is likely that you have just spent a small fortune on Black Friday and maybe you are excited for Cyber Monday but these are our fellow friends and small shops that need our support for survival! Literally. If you have been or are a business owner you understand the need for others to be a part of your business every day to stay open. To help you out, I have gathered a list of 20 shops you can visit and know that you are helping a small business owner and you may even create lasting friendships! That is the best part about shopping small.

Click the link below to visit the store. Happy shopping!

  1. Non-Toxic Household Items
  2. Personalized Coffee Mugs
  3. Gorgeous Outfits
  4. Yoni Eggs
  5. #ConfidentGirl: Discover Your Most Confident Self
  6. New Website and Business Coaching
  7. Confidence Coaching
  8. Custom Artwork
  9. Crystals, Gemstones and Jewels
  10. Magick Jewelry
  11. Handmade Crochet Blankets
  12. Angelic Healing Meditations
  13. 1:1 Coaching and other Services
  14. Tees for Entrepreneurs
  15. Baby Sleep Manual
  16. Painting Classes
  17. Handmade Signs
  18. Boutique Clothing
  19. Essential Oils and Wellbeing
  20. One Heart Coffee
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Nerd Moms Rule the World

Recently, I posted these photos on instagram and expressed my love for nerding out.

A lot of my fellow mothers reciprocated their feelings and love for the nerd life.

We all know as kids, being the nerd was not easy. With our coke bottle glasses and braces, we were easy targets for bullies. Not to mention our fear of speaking directly to others. However, as we savored every word of Harry Potter, it soon turned into a magical theater experience and now we’re almost the cool ones. Nerding is almost mainstream, thanks to Marvel, DC and people like Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

Even with these changes we remember nerd life as kids and now, as adults, we realize how invaluable the nerd life was and I would say basically every nerd mom now rules the world, in at least one of the ways listed below.

1. To our kids, we’re the coolest people in the world. 

We already know about Pokémon, we’re just as excited as them to go Pokémon hunting. Seriously. My husband and I plan family Pokémon hunts. I often take my son after school as well. It’s all the rage and I don’t know a kid who wouldn’t love to join us. We love buying the latest gadgets as much as they do. I’m not a video game pro myself, but I still go with my husband to PlayStation expos and get really excited for the new games and tell my son all about them. He then teaches me to play. I want that Star Wars toy as much as my kids do!

2. We have all the latest and greatest technology. 

If there is a new game console, we own it. We have at least five tablets in our home and surround sound. How do people live without these?! Any app that makes my life easier, will be included in my life. We’ve also submitted our application to join the families riding in self-driving cars. We’re just techy. If our budget was a bit more unlimited, I’m certain we’d have a video drone. As it stands, we don’t, but our son definitely has a drone.


3. We see every single super hero movie the day of release. 

My son hasn’t missed a DC or Marvel movie yet. I make sure we see all of them and then spend months waiting for them to come out and buy them. Same with Star Wars, of course! Star Trek, hells yes. Our ideas of gifts are typically any of these movies. Or, I buy them on a Friday, just because. Mom needs to nerd out, too.

4. Nerd moms are writing novels or creating the next engineering accomplishment of the century. 

Nerd moms don’t just sit around. As a nerd mom, I’ve always had ambitions. Most nerd moms are hugely successful bloggers. Or, they are currently working on the next greatest novels. Not to mention those nerd mamas who are working as aerospace engineers or doctors. We’re not afraid of challenges. My son mentioned he wants to create his own Baymax and we’re working on it. It might take me twenty years, but we will get it figured out! My son and I also make books together and build Legos endlessly.

5. We probably play an instrument, too. 

This nerd mom was in orchestra. My son also intends to play the violin. Many of us nerd moms use music to channel our creativity and that is spread to our children. My son can name each instrument individually as they are playing in a song. I would not be surprised if my toddler writes songs. He sings them methodically after the music has been turned off.

6. Our kids love to read because we love to read. 

I am an avid reader. My kids and I sit and read. Or, while I read my son plays his video games. Our idea of fun is heading to the library for STEAM club or story time. Reading is serious business around here. My husband gifted me with a book of the month subscription and I bought one for my son as well. He always wants new books. So do I. I totally get it.

7. Nerd moms can bake!

Baking=chemistry. Give me any recipe and I will master it.

8. Explanations are given for everything. 

My son already knows about evolution. Science is fact in this house. We teach facts and that’s just how it is. Besides mythology in reading, we keep it all straight here. When our kids ask questions, they get answers. Global warming and my son’s curiosity of how humans came from apes are normal table talk. If we don’t know the answers, Sir. Google looks it up. We’ve discussed the colors of each planet and when space exploration began. This is normal for our home.

9. We love to learn and expect the same from our kids.

School is cool! I loved to learn, in second grade, I asked for more homework. I expect my children to do well in school, too. They love to learn, just as I do.

8. Most importantly, nerd moms are always curious. 

As a nerd mom, there are always questions for me. I’m always trying to think of how to do something differently and if there’s a problem, I’m thinking of an out-of-the-box solution. My children see this and do the same. My social skills may not be on par, but there are videos for that. Though, a challenge may seem daunting, I’m not backing down.

If you’re a fellow nerd mom, cheers to you, my friend!!

Let’s not forget Comic-Con is fun and the Walking Dead comic is better than the show!

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12 Crazy Things Moms Do Every Day Without Even Thinking About It

Before you had kids, life was all about you and perhaps your significant other, but more or less you could do whatever you pleased. Now that you have kids your life has changed in so many ways, sometimes you don’t even realize what has happened.

  1. Pretty much every conversation is about your kids. When you finally get to yourself, you talk about boobs, butts and lady parts like it’s nothing.
  2. You plan your “bathroom schedule” around naps or school time. Otherwise, it’s just constant bombardment. No one can go that way.
  3. You watch kid shows. All. Day. Long. You know all the songs. “Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog! It’s time for your checkup.”
  4. You over analyze everything your kid does. You will google at least one thing a day. Is he/she on track. Are they socializing? Was that a word. Maybe I have the next genius baby!
  5. You argue or discuss online with other moms you have never met, probably will never meet and often support others in their times of need, though you will never meet them. You just feel a mom connection.
  6. You always put the kid first. OK, now and then you let yourself splurge, but it mostly about them. Their left overs do make a delicious dinner.
  7. You forget at least one thing a day. At the grocery store, from your diaper bag, maybe a kid. It doesn’t matter how many Pinterest hacks you use; you’re going to forget something. Blame the mom brain.
  8. You feel guilty. There’s so many articles about forgetting the mom guilt, but when your kid smacks his head after tripping on the yoga mat you should have put away, you’re just going to feel bad. (But hey, you did your yoga, hooray!)
  9. You’ll end up asking your significant other questions about how he/she ate, was everyone nice to them are all their friends okay? It’s just a mom thing. I can’t even explain this one. If you don’t ask about regular bowel movements. Kudos.
  10. You’ll also end up telling your significant other about some of the most mundane items, like “how exciting it was getting out of the house and tommy pooped five times!”
  11. This may not apply to everyone, but you care a lot less about other people and their drama. You’re just trying to survive another episode of Doc Mcstuffins with two actual sick kids. You’re too busy to deal with someone else’s crap. However, you will try your best to listen to your single friend’s boy problems and promptly tell her to never have kids.
  12. You’ll have so much love in your life, you won’t know what to do. My kids cling to me like monkeys. It’s definitely changed everything I do, but I am so grateful for them! Single friends, do have kids. It’s totally worth it.


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What Happens When A Nanny Becomes a Mom

As you may or may not know, I was a nanny before I became a Mom and still work as a nanny. I was a nanny for three years and I thought I knew everything I needed to know about becoming a parent. I think I have mentioned this once or twice, but I was very wrong.

If you are currently working as a nanny, you know how hard child care can be. You have seen the tantrums, you have helped with potty training and may have even been there since the beginning months for teething, walking and everything else in-between.

However, there is so much you do not see. Your mom boss may tell you about the sleepless night the baby had, but you did not have to experience the drunk tired results of this night. Perhaps, if you live with your nanny family, you understand a bit, but at the end of the day it still is not your child. When there is a difficult decision, it does not fall to you. So here are the things I have learned since turning from nanny to parent.

You realize its harder than you ever imagined. I am so grateful I was a nanny before I became a mother, because I gained so much knowledge for motherhood, but I never could have guessed how difficult it really is! Yes, you have tips and tricks for days and have learned many valuable lessons as a nanny that will help you forever, but kids are tricky. They are individual human beings growing before your eyes and each and every child will be different. While some things may work, you may have to rethink some of your parenting styles. Your child may be entirely different than your charge.

While your nanny days may have been filled with crafts, enriching activities and other goodies, you realize making it through the day as a parent is success. As a nanny you take your time getting to know the kids and often fill their days with wonderful, enriching activities. You are paid to do this. I even had an activity daily planner for my charges with a calendar of what we were going to learn for that day. Sure, maybe as a parent I could do this, but most of the time after cleaning the house and getting the kids to nap, I would rather take that time to have a few minutes to myself. Selfish? Maybe. Necessary. Very much so.


When people ask you to babysit for them, it takes on a whole new meaning. After you have spent your life getting paid to take care of other’s children, it is a bit insulting when another mom asks you to watch their child without payment. Yes, I have and will always love kids, but I made a career of being a nanny and you sending “your kid over to play” when you should really be hiring your own babysitter feels like a slap to my face. If you asked me, yes, I would probably be more than willing to help out. I often help our neighbors out and I love to help, when I’m asked! Just do not expect me to be the neighborhood  babysitter all the time just because I was a nanny.

You totally appreciate all great nannies and sitters and can weed out those who you will allow to watch your child. I’m not sure if this happens with all nannies, but once you have been a nanny you see the good nannies and instantly know who they are. You also realize who is horrible. Trust your gut! If your creeper radar is going off, it’s for a very good reason. If you have moved past nannying and have to find your own nanny, you will know how and who to look for. You also know the difference between nanny, babysitter, aupair as well as the cost differences.


Your priorities in life shift. While this happens with all parents, where you were once concerned for your charges well-being you have now transferred that concern to your own child. You now fully appreciate your momboss and dadboss and all of the sleepless nights they told you about. While their child will always have a place in your heart, yours becomes your number one priority.

You are a bad ass mom. Even though your kid is a whole new species, from your nanny charge, once you figure them out (a little) you kick ass at the mom thing. You take everything you have learned apply what you do know and your kids are awesome! No kids are perfect, except yours, of course. 😉

You truly enjoy being with your children. As a nanny, odds are, you love children and when you have your own, you love them even more. Spending your days on the floor playing cars, wresting, coloring and dancing are a dream come true for you.

Being a nanny now and before I had children was a great stepping stone for me. I am constantly learning new parenting skills each day. I am grateful for each opportunity, but also realize there are some differences between being a nanny and parent.